Fantasy Gift Card Super Bundle


The Elven Lord series is an advanced Academy theme with patterns and lessons to build an epic head-to-toe suit of armor & accessories worth over $15,000!

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Features 🔥Patterns for the complete head-to-toe suit of armor with extravagant detail and highly functional designs. 🔥Additional accessory items like pouches, quiver, shield, & more! 🔥Video Tutorials for each component & Additional Premium Lessons Included! 🔥Learn new skills: advanced tooling, wet molding, fluting leather, filigree cutting, & more! 🔥Learn new techniques: adding horsehair to helmets, build a helmet crest & tail, feather and leaf style leather tooling, advanced scroll tooling, & more! 🔥Many intricate design elements & details! 🔥Patterns include decorative intricate scrolls and decoration designs! 🔥Design equivalent to a $15,000+ Prince Armory custom project. 🔥Includes ALL current and FUTURE Elven Lord series content!

UPDATE: Breastplate & Helmet patterns are now available in the bundle!


Fantasy Armor Digital Apprenticeship

This collection is an expansive pattern and tutorial pack that will teach you to craft a full head-to-toe suit of fantasy armor in a fantasy style (Includes a bonus variant style for alternate aesthetic).  The complete video series is built to provide an apprenticeship crash course on both leather crafting and armor creation.  New to the craft? Many first-time leather crafting students have taken on this challenge with great success!

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Learn basic leather armor crafting with this approachable armor theme with smooth rounded styling and simple clean lines. No barbs or spikes on this one.   Take this base design and use our other tips, tricks, and tutorials from the Academy to decorate and augment the design to your preference.  For example, add knotwork style tooling and an earthy color scheme for some Viking flair. As always, this series is about more than just the patterns and will come with a tutorial series that is an affordable introduction to armor crafting that can take you from beginner to intermediate and fits in just before the Fantasy Armor series and will lay an important foundation for your armor crafting journey. Important: The design for this theme is still in progress and does not have a relevant preview image.  Please purchase with this in mind.

The Imperial Knight Pattern Bundle (Early Access) Head-to-toe suit of armor & accessories. Intermediate crafting experience suggested.

JAN UPDATE: Gauntlets just added! Female Breastplate almost here!. Pouch, and quiver patterns are coming soon!

Bonus Feature: This series can be cut by hand or laser.

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