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For years, Prince Armory has equipped adventurers around the world with epic suits of FANTASY LEATHER ARMOR. Now, we are passing the torch on to YOU. Become an adept leather artisan with our immersive online learning experience carefully designed to guide you in mastering the art of armor crafting.

There has never been a faster path to mastery.

In ancient times, an apprenticeship would take years of rigorous hands-on training. Today, we improve upon this rich tradition in a modern format. Gone are the days of endless menial, repetitive tasks; instead, you’ll engage in a focused, enriching experience, transforming raw materials into magnificent armor.

Our program skillfully blends time-honored techniques and over 20 years of crafting experience with the convenience of digital learning with our unique and distinctive fantasy twist that you can take from the comfort of your home anywhere in the world.

Craftsmanship Community

Joining our online apprenticeship also means becoming part of a vibrant community with thousands of like-minded individuals passionate about their craft. Collaborate, share experiences, and grow together. Our community is filled with talented artists and makers just like you!

How It Works

Our online apprenticeship is divided into three categories based on project difficulty: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each course pack includes numerous digital patterns and video lessons that will immerse you in the crafting process and guide you step by step towards mastering the art of leather crafting and armor making.

Commit to the full Digital Apprenticeship Experience or select one or more pre-configured courses based on your skill level and area of interest.

Getting started with our online apprenticeship is easy:


Choose Your Course

Commit to the full Digital Apprenticeship Experience or select one or more pre-configured courses based on your skill level and area of interest.


Start Learning:

Gain instant access to a guided learning experience you can take things at your own pace. all the resources within your members area.


Start Crafting:

Follow along with our Digital Patterns and video instructions for each component in each bundle.  are provided to provide a clear path to mastery.

Learn By Making

Each armor bundle is specifically designed to gradually immerse you into the craft and with each component grow skills, techniques, and visual style options with each component. Each suit focuses on building upon the last and you can go step by step, or you may pick and choose your own path.






What's Included?

Complete Apprenticeship

Get all available bundles and commit to your artisan journey  from complete beginner to an advanced.

The skills you learn here will apply to any leather creation and take your crafting game to unimaginable heights.Included with all courses

Our courses are made of many lessons and every lesson has an area for Q&A and feedback.

All students will be able to get advanced help at any time by leaving your questions there.Active Development With Growing Content Library

Warrior & Starter

This course is designed to be the perfect introduction to the world of leatherworking and armor crafting. It will include the complete Warrior Armor Pattern bundle, all accompanying video lessons to get you well on your way.

The Warrior Armor Series is designed to introduce you to many of the basic techniques and process such as the ways to cut the leather, and which leather to use for armor. You’ll tenderly be introduced to the the concept of wet forming leather, which is important for achieving high quality dimensional leather products that are not just boring flat rectangles.

This armor is not extravagant design but it remains a critical first step to get mileage towards your skills as an artisan.

This tier also includes the upcoming starter bundle with another beginner friendly armor suit which will offer a complete in depth break down of every basis skill needed for leatherwork. Our previous bundles focused on learning by making and this course will expand upon that to include many additional lessons on specific skills and topics related to the how and why of leatherworking and armor making.

Fantasy & Imperial

This course is the next step up and will expand your horizons about what leatherworking can be and raise your expectations about what makes quality functional armor. It is also a great option for those who already have a prior leather crafting experience and are looking for their next challenge.

This course includes both the Fantasy Armor Bundle and the Imperial Knight Bundle. The Fantasy Armor Series was originally crafted as a complete crash course and tries to rapidly explore many concepts through the creation of one head to toe suit of armor.

This armor introduces the student to many new concepts such as articulating armored joints, retaining straps, decorative tooling, and creates a highly enclosed armor harness with many components normally left out of most armor patterns you’ll find online such as full greaves, gorget, and knee/elbow joints.

This series is critical in getting the experience in initial swivel knife work, tooling, and stamping that will prepare you for future advanced content.

The Imperial Knight Series is kind of like the big brother of the fantasy series. Function wise, the design is similar but it takes the complexity and layers up a notch with much more intricate edge geometry throughout the series. While this series includes patterns for hand cutting, this series also has an additional focus on how to use lasers for cutting leather and can show how you can save time with repetitive small parts.

Elven & Berserk

This course is where you’ll be introduced to many of the more intricate and unique leather and armor concepts. This course includes the Elven Lord Bundle and the Berserker Bundle.

This course is especially valuable with it’s vast array of exclusive premium lesson content that is included with each bundle. The hallmark of the Elven series is in it’s myriad of leather tooling demonstrations.

You will be introduced to many styles of decorative tooling and unique geometric details as you learn to carve and tool elegant lines and visually stunning design throughout the armor, There are actually a few defining feature of the Berserk series. First of all, it just looks menacing. Second is it’s highly complex design.

The number of articulations and advanced design that goes into this set is off the charts. And finally, there is a specific focus on the advanced techniques of how to wet form leather in many ways and get clean and refined shapes. Techniques will be demonstrated by hand as well as with tools. There are even new tools and 3D printed designs that were designed to aid in wet forming leather that are demonstrated and available in this series.

Bonus & Future Content

Our courses are constantly growing with many premium lessons still to come. These courses include access to anything normally available in their included bundles.

For example there are many advanced topics in development now for both the Elven and Berserk Series and a whole array of supplemental beginner to intermediate lessons and topics with our upcoming Starter pack included with the beginner course.

All of our bundles include plans for many additional content such as accessories like pouches, shields, sheaths, quivers, belts, and more.



Select one or more modules from the selection below. Start with the one pack and go at your own pace, or select two or more for the best up front discount and enroll in the complete learning experience. Each course grants instant access to all patterns, lessons and all content that will be added to any included bundle in the future.

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