Complete Theme Bundles

What Are Themes?

Themes are a cohesive system of components for a full suit of armor and accessories with a distinct matching style throughout.  Most patterns are also modular; allowing you to pick components across multiple themes or stand-alone patterns to build your own distinct theme!

Each pattern includes video tutorials that demonstrate the crafting process but also teach you different aspects of the art of leather crafting and armor making to equip you with the knowledge to make a one-of-a-kind masterpiece!  Each theme focuses on teaching various skill levels. Learn by creating!


Simple but stylish. Made for BEGINNERS to learn the basic and fundamental principles of crafting leather armor. Easy to follow patterns with no complex or difficult crafting processes to be made with very affordable tools available to anyone.

In Progress

Imperial Knight

This INTERMEDIATE series will build upon the Fantasy Armor series and will also show additional techniques for using a laser cutter in your projects.

Most patterns are ready for this but a few video tutorials are still in progress now!

Imperial Knight
Bonus Content Coming! 85%


BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE crash course for leatherworking and armor crafting that will teach you how to create your own complete head-to-toe suit of armor. It is all you need to get going and well on your way to professional leather and armor crafting.

Fantasy Series
Bonus Content Coming! 85%

Elven Lord

Made for more ADVANCED artists looking to take their crafting skills to new heights.  This series will be designed to the same level as some of our Prince Armory custom projects which start at $15,000.

In Progress

Warrior Armor

Warrior Armor Helmet Pattern

An Introduction To Leather And Armor Craft

The Warrior series is for absolute beginners and will provide an fast and easy introduction to leathercraft and armor making and will focus on the foundations in greater detail.

Fantasy Armor

A Value Packed Beginner To Intermediate Crash Course

 The Fantasy Armor series is purpose-built to give you a guided tour packed solid with demonstrations, tips, & techniques that will catapult you to new heights as you gain new skills and knowledge. The pattern set comes with two distinct styles along with male/female variations and each video lesson demonstrates new details and techniques to give you countless style options when crafting your suit. 

This pattern set is unlike anything you’ve seen before.  This design features articulation and complex functionality inspired by historical examples and is a true full suit of armor with scalable components to fit any shape or size.

At the end of the program, you will have an epic fitted suit all of your own made with your own two hands, but more importantly, you’ll have the skills to move forward with even more elaborate and exciting projects in the future.

Imperial Knight

Imperial Knight Series Female Style

Imperial Knight Series Male Style


When you are ready to expand upon your knowledge from there or want more options for your armor projects, consider trying out the Imperial Knight series which will add an all new style and demonstrate even more details and tooling options.  

This series is also built as an introduction to laser cutting leather armor and most parts will fit in common desktop sized laser cutting units such as Glowforge.

Elven Lord Helmet

Elven Lord

Advanced Leather Armor Crafting Course

When you want to take things to the next level, your next stop is the Elven Lord series which is an advanced course with a jaw-dropping amount of premium tutorials and bonus content that is packed with our secret techniques for highly embellished leather art and armor projects.

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