How To Craft Leather Armor – Getting Started

Not sure where to begin with the tutorials?  Just starting out as a leathercrafter or maybe considering it?  Lets start with the basics first!

Your First Projects

You have so many options for where to begin your crafting journey it can really be overwhelming.  And if you’re just starting out you may not quite be ready to purchase a bundle or full course.

What I recommend is to start with something simple, but still interesting.  If you like the design scheme of the Fantasy Armor series, my suggestion would be to start with the bracers.  Something like this works great with many costumes and will get a lot of use if you dress up for events.  They are what I consider a stand alone item.

By contrast, if the bracers aren’t quite exciting enough, the helmet is actually a very straight forward first project that can look great as a home decor piece by itself, but when it comes to a costume, it is not as stand alone as you’ll normally at least want to do the breastplate along with it.  

Once you have those three pieces done you can just work from top to bottom or according to your own preferences.  Try the free course available for the Fantasy Armor Bundle which will be laid out in a recommended viewing and crafting order with bonus lessons.  You’ll have to purchase the patterns if you want to craft the project but the knowledge is free and presented up front so you know what you’re getting into from the start and can learn from it and decide if you are up for the challenge

If the fantasy armor series seems a bit too complex, or if it is not your style, be sure to keep an eye out for future offerings for suit styles and beginner lessons and courses.  We may have something perfect planned just for you.  There is so much more to come, I can’t wait to share it all with you!

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