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Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the My Account link at the top of any page and select log in and then “Lost Password” and follow the instructions to reset your password. 

Don’t forget to check your spam filters!

And be sure to give the email a while to show up in your inbox too! Sometimes it just takes a while.

If you are still having issues, please try another device or browser.

Make sure you are logged in,

Click the “My Account” link at the top of any page and select “Downloads”

Also, most orders will include a link to your files at the time of purchase.  

Depending on what you ordered it may come in a zip file or archive.  I suggest WinZip and WinRAR as free apps to extract files.

Patterns normally will be offered as PDF files and I suggest you use Foxit Reader. 

Laser cut versions on some products are offered as SVG files.  These  are for users familiar with how to use such files for laser cutting for example which often has its own proprietary software requirements.

These tips will cover most scenarios but if using an older device or alternative platform you might have to search the internet for an app to extract or open your files.

For printing the patterns, especially the larger ones that don’t fit on a single page, one solution is to install a free PDF tool like Foxit PDF Reader or Adobe Acrobat.

When you print the pattern, just make sure you print tiled pages (the setting in other apps may be called ‘Poster’).  As long as you have your printer set up normally it should compensate for the margins accordingly and split the pages up so you can tape them together for one large pattern.

The benefit of using this method over pre-scaled, already chopped patterns, is you can actually scale and resize the patterns by percentage, which is rather important for things like armor where the end user can vary drastically! 

Visit the scale armor tutorial at this time mark to see a walk-through.

All patterns can be scaled using this approach.

See each video for additional tips and suggestions regarding fit.

The straightforward approach: Print at 100% scale unless you can already tell it will be too small or large (if you are not a ‘typical’ height/weight) and then make a paper mockup using the patterns. Try it out. You can intuitively estimate how much to resize it.

Or try an iterative approach. Way too big? Scale it down a lot try at 90%, just a little too small, scale it up just a few percent. 

Most patterns will have adjustment potential so it shouldn’t be too hard to hit the fit sweet spot pretty easily. 

Additionally, each product page or video tutorial may share relevant sizing info specific to the piece.

Our community chat is also a great place to get help from other students who have already crafted the products before.

When a tutorial is available it is added to the individual product page for each component or pattern item.  In the case of bundles, see each individual component product for the direct 

For some new patterns and pre-orders the video tutorials may be coming at a later date.

Also note that additional help in the form of ad-free courses and supplementary blog-style instruction breakdown as well as more info on tool recommendations and more are all being developed and will be made available as soon as possible.

Please check out the “Pre-Orders” page for updates and more details.

The speed of progress will vary depending on many variables. Any estimates given are subject to change. No assurances on deadline are promised with absolute certainty.These things take time, sometimes more than expected, and the end goal is quality first.

Updates will be provided from time to time; keep an eye on the blog, newsletter, discord, and social media for teasers and updates along the way.

All items currently available in the pattern store are digital downloads. You will at least need access to a common printer to fully utilize your purchase.

If for some reason your order did not process or complete properly you can just reach out to us and we’ll check your order manually.

Join our Discord or drop us a message here! 

  • Watch and understand the video tutorials!  A lot of time has been spent packing the video tutorials full of important information and all of the Fantasy Armor tutorials are free on YouTube and include many crafting tips and techniques and design options in each video that can be used in other projects even if it is not in that series.  
  • Support is limited at this time as I am the only one able to both make the new content for the Academy and answer your questions.  I do respond to every email but please be patient if you have questions and please do your best to become familiar with the content as probably 95% of all questions are answered in the videos already.
  • Always make a mockup (paper or otherwise) of wearable patterns before committing to materials.  It doesn’t have to be a complete functional mockup either, just tape up the pieces in a way where you can assess general fit and proportions at the very least.  
  • Read the included document with digital downloads.  These do need some updates and details added but they should cover quite a few of the questions that have been coming through.
  • It doesn’t hurt to post your questions on the youtube tutorial videos, especially the new ones.  I try to reply to all posts at least the first couple of days but it does get away from me after a bit, admittedly.
  • Website issues.  I do my best but I am not a professional web developer.  I leverage various plugins and 3rd party code to build this site and at times things will behave strangely. If you have a problem with your order processing or see some strange formatting on the site on your device be sure to let me know and I’ll do my best to fix it right away.  
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