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 If you have a service or product that increases the value of our content we want to work with you. Our goal with sponsored content is to create interesting and useful content where all parties win.   The best collaborations are where we can review, demonstrate, and otherwise feature and offer education around your products for our audience of makers and artisans.

Any collaboration should be something both parties are excited about, not ‘just an ad’.  As a small team of creative artists, we’re happy to work with unique projects and collaborations!

Most content we make is evergreen and will hold value in perpetuity.

About Us

We have a growing audience surpassing 250,000.  Our pillar content topics include Art, DIY, Cosplay, Fantasy, and anything creative.  Our content can include unboxing, tech demonstrations and reviews, and home studio improvements. Future Content includes CNC, 3D Printing, Woodworking, Metalworking, Knife Making, and more.

The Prince Armory brand has an enormous portfolio and a long history of high quality with a strong presence in the fantasy genre. Our custom creations have been used in many commercial applications.

The Academy’s mission is to empower our students, fellow makers, and DIYers, and artistic entrepreneurs to learn amazing skills.  We create information-packed free tutorials on YouTube and try to leverage that high-value content for our partner content where it is relevant.  


This page is for our audience and our business associates.   

For our fans and students, we hope this page serves to provide transparency about how we conduct our partnerships and who we work in our content.  And also to better connect our audience with these valuable companies.

These are some of the partners we are directly working with currently, or have have worked with previously, to create content together.

The Fantasy Helmet Tutorial video was our first piece of educational video content and was made possible with support from Tandy Leather.  To this day it is still gaining viewership and it’s exciting to see it march towards 1M views! Preview more of our past sponsored tutorial content in this playlist for the Fantasy Armor Series.

Tandy Leather provided many of the tools and materials organically featured in this video as well as cash on the table to help with production overhead in return for an ad spot and product placement.  This video was the start of a larger series and provided excellent value to our audience with many tips and techniques being shared for free. As a long-time customer of Tandy Leather, this was a great fit for both parties and we appreciate the support in playing a part in helping the foundations.


Sponsorships are a great way to allow content creators, such as us, to invest more of our time into our videos to create higher quality content, and more of it.  

The investment into video, audio, photography, lighting, editing, and other digital work is enormous, not to mention the countless hours involved in creating the content itself. 

Accepting sponsors for content is one of many ways to help offset these costs. And when done with honesty and integrity is a fantastic way to introduce an audience to a reputable company whose products may add value to their lives.

Are we a good fit

Your product or service should resonate with our content, provide value to our audience, and or improve the production value and quality of the content itself.

Obvious examples include leather suppliers and crafting tool companies but also as we expand our horizons we would like to work with suppliers of 3D printers, CNC machines, and material providers from other mediums, such as resins and casting materials.

The best fit is when we an create educational content to teach our audience a skill and also demonstrate the use of your tools or products passively. If you have a hair or a face cream product for example, well, this is not a good fit.  


Types of sponsorhips:

A) Dedicated Videos – Videos that directly showcase your brand or products throughout the video.
B) Product Placement – Your product featured in some way in a video. 
C) Brand/Product Shoutout – Specific mention for your website or product in a video (variable length ad spot)
D) Product Reviews -Review your product in a video.
E) Giveaways – Send a product to our audience, great for extra engagement.
F) Behind the Scenes/ Mini-Documentary 
G) Social Media Highlights – Various options.
H) Bespoke Builds – a custom build to showcase your product or service or for promotion efforts or entertainment.
I) Hybrid/Combination of Above.


All arrangements are discussed on a case-by-case basis. We use a 3rd party service called Social Bluebook to help in price evaluation and to share our audience demographics.

Learn More about our audience

Calculations are based on our stats and metrics do not factor every variable but they are still a good starting point for negotiation.

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Do you have a product relevant to our audience? 

Our Exciting New Home Studio!

Our work is our life and our home is along for the ride.  We recently purchased a home with ample space to make our ideal creative sanctuary.  

We invite our sponsors to be a part of our journey in creating something truly fantastic and original as we outfit this new space with the latest and greatest with categories ranging from tools, equipment, hardware, materials, video gear to unique decor for our sets and backdrops and more. 

All efforts are directed at making our content better, more interesting, and more valuable to our fans and students.

Multiple Filming Stations In Progress

For Fans & Students

Not a business but want to help? Become a patron to help us produce more tutorial content and community build projects!

Negotiated Deals for our Students!

We have worked out some nice deals for our students on products from various suppliers.  

(This section is coming soon, promo codes and links will be added here as they are available.  In the meanwhile, we do have several coupons already available that can be found in our tools recommendations area (link in footer)


Recommended Tools, Gear, And Supplies!

The new guide is not finished yet but you may find the old tool recommendation guide on the Prince Armory parent site HERE.
The new guide is in progress and will be featured HERE.

What’s In Progress?

What’s coming soon?

What’s Coming Later?

More To Come!

Future content on this page will include case studies, examples of promotion spots, more about our studio and filming/photography capabilities, and more.

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