This page is dedicated to providing clarity on our partnerships. We strive to be transparent in our partnerships and collaborations, and want to ensure that our fans and students understand how we work with others to create our content. 

Our preferred sponsored content style is promoting sponsors’ products organically in our tutorial videos, demonstrating their value throughout the video. This adds value to our audience as we provide useful tips and techniques in every build.

Become A Sponsor

Our primary objective with sponsored content is to produce engaging and informative material that benefits all parties involved. The ideal collaboration for us would be where we can review, demonstrate, and showcase your products to our audience of makers and artisans while providing valuable educational content.

We strongly believe that any partnership should be mutually exciting and not just limited to an advertisement. As a team of creative artists, we are always eager to collaborate on unique and innovative projects.

It’s worth noting that most of the content we create has evergreen value and will remain relevant for our audience indefinitely.

About Us

Our audience has surpassed 300,000 and continues to grow. Our pillar content focuses on various forms of art, including DIY, cosplay, fantasy, and all things creative. Our content also covers unboxing, tech reviews, and home studio improvements, with future content planned on CNC, 3D Printing, Woodworking, Metalworking, Knife Making, and more.

At Prince Armory, we have an extensive portfolio and an established reputation for producing high-quality custom creations within the fantasy genre. Our designs have been utilized in numerous commercial applications.

The Academy’s mission is to empower our community of students, fellow makers, DIYers, and artistic entrepreneurs by providing informative and engaging tutorials on YouTube. We aim to leverage our valuable content to create relevant and high-value sponsored content for our partners.

Sponsorships play a crucial role in supporting content creators like us to produce high-quality and frequent content. The expenses related to video, audio, photography, lighting, editing, and other digital work are substantial, not to mention the countless hours dedicated to content creation.

Accepting sponsors for content is just one of the many ways to help offset these costs. When done with transparency and authenticity, it provides an excellent opportunity to introduce our audience to reputable companies whose products can add value to their lives.

By partnering with sponsors, we can invest more time and resources into our content, ensuring it meets the highest standards of quality. Our ultimate goal is to create engaging and informative content that resonates with our audience while also providing valuable exposure to our sponsors.

To determine if we are a good fit to work together, we consider several key factors. First and foremost, your product or service should align with our content and provide value to our audience. 

While we have partnered with leather suppliers and crafting tool companies in the past, we are also interested in expanding our horizons and working with suppliers of 3D printers, CNC machines, and materials providers from other mediums such as resins and casting materials.

The ideal partnership is one where we can create educational content that not only teaches our audience a new skill but also showcases the use of your tools or products. 

Ultimately, we strive to ensure that any collaboration is a win-win for both parties, where we can provide valuable exposure to your brand while creating high-quality, informative content for our audience.

Types of sponsorhips:

A) Dedicated Videos – Videos that directly showcase your brand or products throughout the video.
B) Product Placement – Your product featured in some way in a video. 
C) Brand/Product Shoutout – Specific mention for your website or product in a video (variable length ad spot)
D) Product Reviews -Review your product in a video.
E) Giveaways – Send a product to our audience, great for extra engagement.
F) Behind the Scenes/ Mini-Documentary 
G) Social Media Highlights – Various options.
H) Bespoke Builds – a custom build to showcase your product or service or for promotion efforts or entertainment.
I) Hybrid/Combination of Above.


All arrangements are discussed on a case-by-case basis. Please reach out if you would like demographics or other data or references from other sponsors we’ve worked with.

Our social media

Do you have a product relevant to our audience? 

Our Exciting New Home Studio!

Our work is not just a job, it’s a way of life. We are constantly on the lookout for new tools, equipment, and materials that can help us create the best content possible for our audience.

Recently, we purchased a new home with ample space to create our ideal creative sanctuary. We are excited to invite our sponsors to join us on this journey as we outfit our new space with the latest and greatest products. Our focus ranges from video gear to unique decor for our sets and backdrops, as well as hardware and equipment that can help take our content to the next level.

We are committed to making our content better, more interesting, and more valuable to our fans and students. With the support of our sponsors, we can continue to create high-quality, informative videos that inspire and educate our audience while showcasing the latest and greatest products in our industry.

Multiple Filming Stations In Progress

Future content on this page will include case studies, examples of promotion spots, more about our studio and filming/photography capabilities, and more.

For Fans & Students

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Sponsored Deals for our Students!

We have worked out some nice deals for our students on products from various suppliers.  

(This section is coming soon, promo codes and links will be added here as they are available. 

 Use Code: ARMOR10 at “Weaver Leather”
Use Code: BERSERK at “TheFoamory”

Recommended Tools, Gear, And Supplies!

The new guide is not finished yet but you may find the old tool recommendation guide on the Prince Armory parent site HERE.
The new guide is in progress and will be featured HERE.