This page will be expanded in time, here is a quick outline of current and planned content:

FREE COURSES: Please view the VIDEO INDEX page for our list of free videos.

This is a general outline of our current and in progress course content:

  • Warrior Armor (Beginner Series)
  • Fantasy Armor (Intermediate Series)
  • Imperial (Intermediate Series)
  • Berserker (Advanced Series)
  • Elven (Pro Series)

Each of these represents a complete armor suit build that focuses on different skill levels and explains a variety of techniques across the huge spectrum of leather armor crafting. Check the links in the main menu to find more info about each series.

Future Content: Our blog has a ‘road map’ post that will share some extra details, but here are some of the content plans on the horizon:

  • Standalone Lessons – Many techniques will be broken down into specific lessons.  Some will be available on the academy as premium content, some will be for free on YouTube.
  • Business Section – I’m looking to support those who are looking to explore leather crafting, armor crafting, and professional costuming professional and will provide helpful resources.  I hope to offer a way for students to become vetted and get qualified for us to send referrals to and to connect potential buyers with makers.  I plan to create a lot of business related content showing how I’ve grown my own business and the lessons I’ve learned along the way.
  • More mediums – we do a lot more than just leathercrafting and we want to share the full spread of content we’re able to make.  So we’ll be looking at sharing new topics along the way.  This will include sewing, resin, sculping/casting, general prop making, sword/knife making, metal casting, 3d printing, laser cutting,  CNC and more.  I also plan to share a lot of tech focused content in the near future but that will be on a separate channel/brand.


There’s much more than that planned too so there’s a lot to be excited for.  Things may appear slow at times when it comes to content and new products but keep in mind things are always chugging away behind the scenes and the content takes a long time to make, products take a long time to make, and our custom work also takes a lot of our time too.  

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Berserk Helmet Tooling

_Dev-Khan-image By _Dev-Khan in

The course is focused on teaching individuals how to create a helmet …

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