Welcome to the Herald's Hall

At the Prince Armory Academy, we love celebrating the creativity of our students.

We are introducing our Heralds program where you can share your passion with the world and earn exciting rewards to further aid you in your crafting journey.

Why Become a Herald?

  • As you showcase your progress and the stunning creations born from our academy’s designs and lessons, we want to reward you.
  • You’ll gain access to exclusive free patterns, gems and more, and you’ll be the first to enter our captivating contests and giveaways. It’s our way of saying thank you for spreading the word and inspiring others with your work.
  • The Heralds Program is open to everyone, regardless of your audience size. Whether you’re just starting out or have a growing following, your voice matters.
  • As a Herald, you’re more than a student; you’re a beacon of inspiration, showcasing what can be achieved with the skills and knowledge gained from our academy.

How it works

Spread the Word

  • Share your works in-progress

  • Share your Completed Works

Earn Exclusive Rewards

  • Complete quests to earn gems

  • Enter into contests to win prizes

  • Earn dollar commission on referrals 

Rise Rank with Honor

  • Complete quests to earn rank-up points called ‘Honor’

  • Inspire & Lead the Community

The Herald's program remains in beta rollout, expect exciting future updates!

Available Quests

  • Share your works in-progress or completed works on social media.
  • Tag @PrinceArmory on the post.
  • Earns 10 Honor toward next rank up
  • Share your works in-progress, behind the scenes, or completed works on social media. 
  • Include the tag #CraftYourFantasy
  • Earns 10 Honor toward your next rank up!
  • Post a photo dressed up with your created piece.
  • Earns 100 gems & 25 Honor!
  • Post a video showing off your created piece(s).
  • Earns 250 Gems & 100 Honor!
  • Tell a friend about us.
  • Use your Herald Discount Code
  • Earn a 10% commission!