A resource for larpers, cosplayers, leatherworkers, and aspiring armor makers.

What is the Prince Armory Academy?

The Prince Armory Academy was created to teach students the hard won crafting knowledge and skills gained from years of professional full time production of advanced custom armor and costume creations.  

Our primary field of expertise is in leather crafting and fantasy armor crafting which is where our academy begins its initial offerings.

The long term goals include building a massive content library of both free and premium learning assets that will encompass the entire range of leather crafting, armor crafting, costuming,  design, and even business lessons.  

We want to teach everything from making your first crafting project ever, to becoming successful in business.

Learn The Art Of Leather Armor Crafting

Welcome to the Prince Armory Academy!

Start your journey into the art of leathercraft and learn how to build epic  suits of armor and other interesting crafting projects with our incredible patterns and top-tier video tutorials!

What do you offer currently?

The best way to see what is available at this moment is to browse our store of premium patterns and lessons.  Almost every pattern has a video tutorial that will teach you how to craft the piece as well as expand upon your crafting knowledge with additional tips and techniques.

We provide a complete course on crafting a fantasy suit of leather armor (The Fantasy Armor Series), a new full suit which will build upon that with a new style (Imperial Knight) and two other full suit themes in progress as well: The Warrior Armor series which will lay an important foundation of basics for beginner armor crafters, and the Elven Lord series, which is an advanced course that will teach new skills at the higher end of leather and armor crafting.

Elven Lord Helmet

What's next?

There is a mountain of content on the way so keep an eye on our social media and newsletter for updates! 

As we explore the vast world of armor crafting we will cover many arts and mediums including leather crafting, laser cutting, foam, wood, fabrics, steel, resin, 3D printing & more! 

New Patterns, Lessons, Courses, and more are on the way! With topics covering every facet of leather crafting, armor crafting, design, art and custom work as a business, how to promote yourself, and more.

About Prince Armory

Prince Armory Custom Creations is a design and fabrication service that has been operational since 2007.  With clients around the globe, their creations have seen achieved great notoriety over the years with many notable credits with clients such as Samsung, Madonna, Mannowar, Nexon, Six Flags, Cinderella on Broadway, Prince Caspian Theatrical, and countless serious collectors for one of a kind custom armor creations.

Custom projects are accepted on a very limited basis with a backlog often upwards of 3 years with price tags not for the faint of heart.

Check out the service website at www.PrinceArmory.com to learn more and see more of our epic custom creations for yourself.  Or if the DIY scene isn’t your thing, reach out to see if we can build your suit for you.