Awesome Ways To Save!

The Prince Armory Academy is packed with all sorts of digital patterns, premium lessons, complete armor suit patterns and course bundles. We’ve got loads of free and affordable beginner products as well as higher end range of advanced products that scale in price, and a whole spectrum in between.

We do our best to provide an incredible value at any price point but we understand everyone likes a good deal so here are some ways to get some more bang for your buck as you continue your journey at our academy. 

Flat Savings, % Discounts, and Cash Back Rewards

      • Bundles! – A defining feature of our academy and each pattern bundle represents. Most pattern bundles will instantly save 50%-60% or more compared to purchasing the patterns and lessons individually.
      • Apprentice Bundles – Buy more, save more! You can save even more than the standard bundle discount if you commit to purchasing more than one bundle up front. Save an additional 5% to 25%! (Coming Soon!)
      • Guild Members – If you become a premium member of our GUILD you can great sign on bonuses, an incredible welcome pack of great items, and flat discounts that let you save from 10% to 25% off any store purchase!
      • VIP Rewards – Previous customers can enjoy an increasing discount relative to their total purchase history. This program calculates a flat automatic discount all the way up to 25% depending on your purchase history! (Coming Very Soon!)
      • Auto Gem Rewards – All store purchases automatically award 5% in store credit back to you with gems that you can spend on your next purchase. (See more ways to earn with Gems below)
      • Affiliate Program – You can join our Heralds and give great discounts to your friends, earn up to 25% or more in cash commissions, and up to 25% back in bonus gems to use in the store. (Updated Program Coming Soon!)
      • Recruit Discount – We occasionally run a promotion to take an additional 10% or more off your first purchase. This is only available at certain times so if you see the popup or ad, don’t miss out! And for goodness sake, don’t make a new account to abuse the deal; you’ll get more rewards added to your account if you’re already a previous customer!
      • Herald Discounts – Heralds are our brand ambassadors and they may have some additional discounts anywhere from 5% to 20% they can pass on to their friends and fans (Coming Soon)
      • Partner Discount – Some partners who collaborate on certain content may be able to earn custom discounts according to their contributions. (Coming Soon!)

    GEM REWARDS (Store Credit)

    Gems are our in-store currency that can be used primarily to purchase items like patterns and lessons in our store. –  We have so many ways to earn gems with over $500 in Gems can be earned in various ways!  Many features are already active, details and links to how to earn them will be coming soon.

      • Auto Gem Rewards – All store purchases automatically award 5% in store credit back to you with gems that you can spend on your next purchase.
      • Follow Our Social Media Platforms
      • Complete Quests
      • Complete Surveys
      • Join our newsletter
      • Complete onboarding email sequence
      • Join our Discord
      • Complete our lesson content

    General Sales & Promotions

    We like to rotate through a number of limited time offers on our store. This can be anything from flat store discounts, to bundle of the week sales, or bigger seasonal sales. If you see an offer you like, don’t wait though, it may take a very long time for it to come back around! You can get notified of sales by being a member of our newsletter and making sure you are opted in for promotional emails.


    So, what is better than a great way to save? How about ways to not have to spend anything at all?

      • Beginner Resources – Get started for free!

      • Free Patterns – We have some of those!

      • Free Lessons – Most of our beginner to intermediate videos are all available for free!


      • Giveaways – We try to do at least one great giveaway every month with multiple winners. You have to watch our social media or opt into our newsletter to get alerted though!