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General Categories:

Sell Products Made From Our Designs

Our patterns are based on years of real world design and professional experience and offer a huge short cut to jump0start a career in leather crafting or expanding your product line. 

Commercial Use Pattern Licenses

Using our patterns requires the purchase of a license per item produced. Purchase pattern licenses for commercial use. Volume discounts available.  Frequent purchasers will automatically receive best pricing.

Approved Vendors List

Become a business member and register to become an approved vendor.  This will be a public list to show who is legitimately producing products from our designs.  

Business Tips

Learn from my own experience as a vendor and pursueing art and leathercraft as a primiary profession.

Great Perks

Earn extra rewards and store credit to use when purchasing new patterns, lessons, or licenses.

Become an Affiliate!

Join our affiliate program and make cash and store credit for every sale you refer. This is available for early enrollment now.

Up to 65% Off on Bunldes
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