Fantasy Armor

Module 2 of the Digital Apprenticeship Program Learn how to craft leather armor! Get started for free with our complete Fantasy Armor series course!  You can watch all the video content and apply the lessons to your own projects. If you'd like to build this series you can also purchase the bundle and get all of the patterns.
· February 22, 2021

Module 2 In the Digital Apprenticeship Series
This Fantasy Armor tutorial series may be watched entirely for free without purchasing anything. The purpose of this series is to help anyone interested in the craft get started and get ideas for their own works.

The Fantasy Armor series of tutorials and patterns is purpose-built to be a great all-around crash course into leather armor crafting. The design is impressive while still being beginner-friendly and approachable for anyone interested in leather crafting. It’s meant to be a great way to make a sophisticated full suit of armor without having to possess all the technical skills to do so. This set of tutorials breaks the entire suit down piece by piece and adds additional tips, tricks, techniques, and other knowledge with every new video. As such, it is recommended you watch ALL of the tutorials in the series BEFORE you craft your full suit; then, you can pick and choose which techniques to use when crafting your own armor.

The videos will emphasize this but just as a reminder, please make a paper mockup using the patterns before committing to crafting to ensure fit. Scale the patterns according to your frame first, and then for anyone significantly larger or smaller than average, expand the patterns on the sides according to fit.

Armor patterns or templates are available for each tutorial in the store.

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