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Our growing library of free content for leatherworking and armor fabrication.

Premium Lessons

Individual lessons focused on a single topic or technique.

Pro Courses

Complete courses covering a broader subject with multiple lessons.

Are Patterns For Me?

If you want a crash course into the field of leather crafting and armor crafting in one go, and you don’t need to know the details about how armor works and why, just that it does straight from the patterns, and you don’t need to know about the full field of leather craft, just the relevant bits. If that interests you, the pattern bundles are for you.

Or if you’re not ready for the cost of a bundle, pick a project you think you will enjoy and start there.  Helmets and Bracers are great first time projects for anyone.

Are Courses For Me?

For those seeking the knowledge to build upon the pattern bundles, to learn more techniques and skills for their craft, or to even design and craft advanced armor and fantasy costumes for themselves or as a career, or even to just level up their crafting sills, that is where memberships come in. Memberships are for those looking for more advanced knowledge about armor crafting and leather crafting.

Are Both For Me?

Absolutely!  Use the patterns to get a jump-start into the crafting process. Ignore all the difficult and complicated aspects of learning a new craft and let the designs guide you.  Then broaden your horizons with additional lessons and full courses as you progress in your crafting journey. 

Ad Free Learning!

Get started with some of our free tutorials or premium patterns available now! Enroll in our free and premium courses for an Ad-Free learning experience directly on the site!

Additional Resourses

More content is currently in progress with additional resources to aid in your crafting journey such as tool recommendations, supplier discounts, blogs, andmuch more.

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