Warrior Helmet Tutorial

The first tutorial in the Warrior theme is here!  We’ll be kicking off this series with the helmet.  It is designed to be as beginner friendly as possible but it does require some wet-molding to get the shape right.  Not strictly mandatory but it’s worth the effort IMO! Thank you to everyone who has pre-ordered this project, I hope you’ll find it to be worth the wait!

The rest of the suit is in the pipeline.  The most progress has been made on the Elven Lord series so I expect to turn focus to that series next and try to knock it out, then jump back to this one.  The reason for the delay on the warrior series is, in large part, because the original design I was pulling from for this series I decided wasn’t interesting enough so I’m redesigning it all from scratch with a much better look and style.  There have been a lot of pre-orders and interest in this series and I want to make it really nice. I hope you all find the new helmet design to your liking.  There are some Warrior bracer designs floating around out there but those will be redesigned as well for the bundle.

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