Hello dear students, fans, & friends. I hope this finds you well.  I’m rolling out pre-orders for future content and want to talk about what that is and why you may want to order early, and why you may not!  The short version is that if you love our content and want to save on future content while helping enable more and better content, the answer is yes!  If you don’t like to wait or you don’t know who or what Prince Armory and the Academy is, then just enjoy our current content as is, and future content when it is available!

What are Pre-Orders?

Within the context of the Prince Armory Academy, pre-orders will be content like patterns, bundles, premium courses and lessons that are either in progress currently, or that are slated for production in the short to mid-term pipeline. 

The first item being offered for pre-order is the Imperial Knight series pattern bundle.  At the time of this writing there are several patterns available as well as the first few video tutorials already ready for consumption.  Meanwhile, about 6 more patterns are about to go up with more on the way. I’m working on more as well as prepping the video content. 

The Fantasy Armor Bundle could actually also qualify is a preorder as well.  The primary offering is now up, but there are bonus patterns and tutorials that will be added in the future. 

Future offerings for pre-order products will be clearly marked and will often feature a placeholder or ‘Preview’ type image for the product image.

Should You Buy A Pre-Order?

There are a few great reasons you may want to purchase a pre-order.  

  • Convenience – Buy up front and just have the content delivered when it is ready! 
  • Discount – I will generally have a good pre-order discount so you’re getting a deal in the long run. Even more so on bundles. 
  • Perhaps most importantly SPEED – Pre-orders make the content come faster.  How? Having more working capital means I can outsource some time intensive tasks like video editing so I can go straight into the next project!
  • Helps the Academy! – Your early support helps pave the way for new content. It also helps me understand what students are most interested in and I can plan even more content for popular categories.

When should you not? If you don’t like the uncertainty of knowing exactly when the new content will become available I strongly suggest just waiting.  I promise it will be worth the wait!

When Will The Complete Set Be Ready? (Important!)

Well, it depends. Some pre-orders like the Imperial Knight pre-order will be very soon, which for me means within a few weeks. Others may be a few months.  And some pre-orders I offer in the future may even be for ongoing series that could take over a year to finish.  While I will do my best to outline reasonable expectations for timelines, it is important to me that everyone understands what they are buying into so let me be clear in saying I do not have a firm timeline on any project I do, at least outside the rare rush order commercial custom projects.  My general philosophy is to just stay in motion and keep working and things are just done when they are done. For me, it is a pragmatic and stress free way of life and allows me to spend more of my mental energy on the creative. This works out for both parties, I will add, because it means you will get a better end result for whatever content I make for you.  I also have a lot of drive and I create my own urgency with the things I want to do and create in my life.  

Let me just add some additional context here while we’re on this topic.  As I have been transitioning from my high detail/very low volume custom works into this space of creating digital content for the world, I’ve noticed that a small section of the populace will become impatient. Pre-orders are not for them. I understand this is a vocal minority and honestly I appreciate the hunger for new content from me.  But they are perhaps comparing me to full time content creators who deliver new content every week and expecting the same. And while I am working to do just that, I didn’t start out as a YouTuber or digital content creator, I’m building upon what I’ve started with Prince Armory and now I’m sharing what I’ve learned along the way with the Academy.  I’m looking to bring in much more help as I try to scale this up so I can deliver new content on a very regular basis.   But in these early days of the Academy, I implore patience and will do my best to reward it with quality and value and with your help ramp up the pace of new content as well!

Why Offer Pre-Orders

Producing content can be an expensive proposition.  The sheer volume of content I have planned means massive overhead and time investment still to come.  I’m always looking to improve my studio environment to keep raising the quality and already have literally tens of thousands of dollars invested in audio, video, and lighting equipment.  And some of the quotes I’m getting for video editing services to help me produce high quality tutorials is eye-watering. I have no problem taking this academy slow and steady but I know many of you are ready for me to turn up the output dial to 11 and blast out new content left and right.  

Offering pre-orders is a way to help me invest more in the up front cost of production and delegate and outsource many more of my day to day tasks including video editing, website work, marketing and social media efforts, emails, support and more.  This benefits everyone in the end as it means much higher quality and production value for each tutorial or course as well as enabling new content releases on a much more frequent interval.