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Fantasy Armor Digital Apprenticeship

This collection is an expansive pattern and tutorial pack that will teach you to craft a full head-to-toe suit of fantasy armor in a fantasy style (Includes a bonus variant style for alternate aesthetic).  The complete video series is built to provide an apprenticeship crash course on both leather crafting and armor creation.  New to the craft? Many first-time leather crafting students have taken on this challenge with great success!


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Fantasy Leather Armor BUNDLE

This bundle is more than just a collection of patterns.  It is a crash course in leather crafting and armor making that will teach you everything you need to know to craft a full suit of fantasy leather armor.  Plus countless bonus tips and tricks are packed into each tutorial that can be used in any future crafting project as you grow your skills.

Current and upcoming Bonus Content will expand on this to reveal how to take your projects to the next level.  Many students have also adapted the patterns to work with other mediums like foam and metal (and there may be some bonus tutorials to help demonstrate other mediums) but this tutorial series is primarily focused on leather crafting and is beginner-friendly with many components suitable as first-time leathercraft projects such as the bracers.  Many helpful crafting tips are provided in each tutorial as well as new colors and tooling techniques for each component that you can use on this or any of your future crafting projects.

Purchased separately would be $555.00.  If you consider the bonus content the value is at least $2170 and growing!  Get instant access to all the patterns, a full library of video content, and all future bonus fantasy-themed tutorials and patterns.

What’s In The Bundle?

 ($310 Value!) ALL FANTASY ARMOR PATTERNS w/ TWO Complete Styles:
☑ $50 Fantasy Cuirass – Unisex Torso Armor. A great early project to get your suit started!
☑ $50 Female Breastplate – If you want a more feminine foundation use this pattern for the breastplate!
☑ $25 Helmet – Best stand-alone item!
☑ $25 Spaulders – Shoulders (Plus a bonus variant!)
☑ $25 Articulated Arms – Very Functional Arms
☑ $10 Bracers – For the wrist and a perfect first-time leather crafting project!
☑ $10 Sabatons – Armor for the feet.
☑ $15 Gorget – Armor for the neck
☑ $15 Tassets – Hip/Thigh Armor
☑ $10 Scale Skirting – Groin and rear flap to fill crotch void
☑ $25 Greaves – Lower Leg Armor
☑ $25 Cuisses – Upper Leg Armor
☑ $25 Gauntlets – More complex, save this for later in your build!

The video tutorials that accompany this project pack an incredible amount of valuable information.

BONUS CONTENT:  ($215+ Value)
☑ LESSON: How to Make Buckle Straps Video- Useful for any project!
☑ Buckle Strap Patterns – Useful for any project!
☑ BONUS: Getting Started Video –  Recommended to watch this first!
☑ BONUS: Complete Suit Recap Video – How to put it all together and some additional tips
☑ LESSON: How To Border Tooling For Armor Video – A bonus style and leathercraft tutorial!  Use this or adapt it with other tools for your designs!


$50 LESSON: How to Design Introduction: How To Embellish/Decorate Your Project (Video Tutorial)
$50 LESSON: How To Tool Decorative Elements (Video Tutorial)
$50 LESSON: Introduction To Wet Molding/Shaping leather (Video Tutorial)
$25 PATTERN: Fantasy Style Pouch  (Video/Pattern)
$10 DESIGN: Spaulder hybrid decoration tooling design
$50 LESSON: How to Distress Leather Armor (Technique Video)
$10 PATTERN: Fantasy Ring Belt (Video/Pattern)
$50 LESSON: How to Make a Paper Mockup Guide



STRETCH GOAL CONTENT: (Added depending on student feedback/demand)
Fantasy Sheath (Patterns/Video)
Weapon Frogs (Patterns/Videos)
Fantasy Quiver (Pattern/Video)
Fantasy SHIELD (wood/leather tutorial)
Leather Fantasy Cape (Pattern/Video)
Leather Fantasy Hat (Pattern/Video)
Additional Fantasy Accessories (Patterns/Videos)
Fantasy Leather Garments & Garb (Patterns/Videos)
Fantasy Style Notebook Cover (Pattern/Video)


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