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The Imperial Knight Series
Head-to-toe suit of armor & accessories.
In-Depth Instructional Videos
Intermediate crafting experience is suggested.
Full breakdown below!

Bonus Feature: This series can be cut by hand or laser.
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What’s In The Bundle?

? Instructional Video Tutorial for Each Pattern

☑ $50 Fantasy Cuirass – Unisex Torso Armor. A great early project to get your suit started!
☑ $65 Armored Corset – A feminine alternative for the breastplate!
☑ $25 Helmet – Head Armor and the best stand-alone item also great for display!
☑ $25 Spaulders – Shoulder Armor
☑ $25 Articulated Arms – Vambrace, Rerebrace, Elbow Cops & connecting lames
☑ $15 Bracers & Cuffs combo – For the wrist and a perfect first-time leather crafting project and for daily wear!
☑ $10 Sabatons – Armor for the feet.  (You can wear comfortable shoes underneath)
☑ $15 Tassets – Hip/Thigh Armor
☑ $10 Scale Skirting – Groin/rear skirting to fill crotch void
☑ $25 Greaves – Lower Leg Armor
☑ $30 Cuisses & Knees – Upper Leg Armor + Articulating Knee
☑ $30 Gauntlets – Hand Armor *(More complex, save this for later in your build!)
☑ $10 Head Band – Decorative Headwear Piece
☑ $10 Dagger Sheath – Imperial Knight style layered sheath (for a double edge blade)
☑ $10 Sword Sheath – Imperial Knight style layered sheath (for a double edge blade)
? $15 Pouch – Imperial Knight style layered pouch (coming soon)
? $25 Quiver – Imperial Knight style layered quiver (coming soon)
? Series Introduction & Recap Video (coming soon)
Laser Cutting Overview Video (coming soon)
Intricate Hand Cutting Video (coming soon)

Full Price If Purchased Separately: $400.00

Other Notes:

  • Intermediate Crafting Skill Recommended
  • This is digital content
  • The crafting process is demonstrated using leather but you may also adapt the templates to work with other materials.

This series is laser-cutter-friendly! Don’t forget to use our code PRINCEARMORY to save up to $500 off the purchase of a Glowforge laser cutter as used in many of the tutorials here.

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