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Turbocharge your leather tooling

This video will introduce one of our secret techniques of using a power tool in some of our tooling processes. Complete demonstration and DIY build guide for making your own, as well as 3D printable tips will be included.
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Prince Armory Shop Tour

I\’m planning a formal shop tour sometime in the coming weeks or months.
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Advanced Leather Tooling - Fluting & Creases

This guide will teach you how to create sharp pronounced ridges and creases in your leather projects. Primarily featured on our armor creations this can be used to augment any leather design that you want to add some depth and visual interest to.

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Fantasy Samurai Leather Armor

This will be a head-to-toe tutorial series complete with patterns of samurai armor with our classic fantasy twist.
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Creature Helmet Master Class

This will be an advanced class covering many examples of creature-themed helmets and how to make them. This will be an expensive course, will take a lot of effor to master, and for advanced students only!
Avatar of Prince Armory

Dragon Armor

This will be a head to toe sries complete with patterns of dragon themed armor.
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How To Design Armor - Beginner

Entry-level understanding of how to design and pattern functional fantasy armor in leather and other mediums.
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How To Design Armor - Intermediate

Elevated understanding of how to design armor. Full course with complete walk through and exmaple of how to design a basic suit of armor from start to finish.
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How To Design Armor - Advanced

Complete course on how to design a complex and intricate suit. Particular focus on deciding theme, testing tooling and design options, and committing to a consistent design scheme to be used throughout. Content will feature a real custom project and document the process from start to finish. Will be a running class format with open Q&A through the process.
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Tutorial - Digital Design

This will cover topics of digitizing designs and introduce you to some of the programs I use or have used in the past and share many of the tips for designing in vector. I\’ll also cover topics of how I practically incorporate a digital workflow as a primiarly hand crafting artisan and start streamlining some of the sections of our business with advanced tools and machinery. As a bonus I will share some of the things I\’m learning about 3D design and how 3D printing is expanding our horizons.
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Hat Project Tutorials

We have a few hat patterns available with video tutorials pending. Vote if you want to see these sooner than later.
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Level 1 Beginner Armor Theme

If warrior is level 2, fantasy is 3, imperial 4, and elven around 6, would you like to see a level one beginner theme of armor to help absolute beginners?
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Fantasy Series Bonus Content

How many of you want to see the bonus content like pouches and other accessories that match the fantasy series?
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Shop Updates - Vlog Series

How many of you care to see updates of our studio and setting up tools and updates on content or other projects?
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Wood & Leather Shield

We’ll be making some shields to go with some of our full suit projects.
Avatar of Jorn Zuidema

Custom fit gloves for gauntlets

Video about the proces of making fur lined, custom fit gloves, attachable to the gauntlets using snaps.
Avatar of Heidi Wernicke

Filigree pauldrons and/or breastplate

Armor pieces in the same style as the bracers

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