Hello again everyone! I’ve got some updates to share with everyone as well as some projections on future content now that the move is finally behind us! This is the third vlog documenting the move, be sure to head over to our blog or YouTube channel to catch the previous vlogs if you’d like to get up to speed.  Check out the video to see a quick tour of the new home studio and some of the move in process!

So What's Next For The Prince Armory Academy?

Now that the dust has settled on the move, I’m reevaluating priorities and the whole timeline on new content and custom projects.  I’m really excited to get into the new Warrior and Elven Lord themes, but I also need to finish up the Imperial Knight theme. I feel like that is the best play all around because it will let me build some momentum back. And then launch full force into both new themes afterwards. Otherwise I’d be juggling 3 themes at once and that’s just going to be pretty inefficient.  

I’m going to do everything I can to knock out the Imperial Knight series within the next 6-8 weeks to finish the full suit patterns and all the video tutorials.  Then, I have to decide if I’m going to go launch both new themes in parallel, or just one at a time or alternate some bonus fantasy theme content.

I welcome community input here (find the discord community link on our website to weigh in, or comment in the upcoming videos).  Another big wild card here is how custom orders go because the move has delayed progress there as well and I may have to spend more time on that for a while.

So with some variability in mind, and assuming no more life bazookas aimed at my face, I am aiming for around 10 weeks from now to finish the Imperial Knight and prepare the first patterns going on the new themes. So sometime October hopefully. And most likely inject some Fantasy theme bonus content along the way.   But if things go slower than expected it may take longer. Just keep in mind, all this stuff takes a lot of time and effort to do. I urge patience in all things and I will do my best to make everything worth the wait!  Quality is the most important thing.  

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