We’re rolling out an affiliate program, also known as the heralds program.

Beta rollout for our affiliate program is moving forward. We have confirmed signups. I’m liking this new system better. We’ll need to get some test purchases and more people signed up. I’m setting the referral rate to 50% (!!!) for a while to encourage enrollment and use. Eventually, this will revert to the 20% standard rate, with perhaps some scenarios to reach 25%-30% or possibly more if certain conditions are met.

https://princearmoryacademy.com/heralds/ Register here (or log in with your existing ID) FYI Signups are vetted manually in batches periodically, not instantly. I will create a forum thread where you can all provide feedback on the program or even help me flesh it out. On the to-do list is providing a resource area to give more tips, lay some ground rules, provide assets and coupons that can be used to help get sales, guide on best practices, and more.

This program will hopefully be a good way to benefit both the academy and students. As I get ready to scale the academy, ads and marketing become a significant expense, as in thousands per month. If there is a path to leave lead generation to students and fans, and just channel that money to them, that would be ideal.

For now though, I just want to make sure everything is working and everyone likes the system, and also check that PayPal connects properly, payouts work smoothly and all that.

More details are in our discord forum thread.

Join us on a quest to spread the art of leatherworking and armor crafting to all corners of the world.
As our Herald, you’ll play a crucial role in championing our cause and inspiring a new generation of artisans.

Become Our Herald

Join the ranks of our elite Heralds today and help us spread the art of leatherworking and armor crafting far and wide. Earn a cut of the profits along with the satisfaction of sharing your passion with others.

Earn With Us

With a generous commission of up to 25% on all purchases made by your referrals, along with other perks, becoming our Herald is a win-win! 

Our affiliate dashboard offers a range of tools and resources to help you succeed in your quest, including custom referral links, coupons, and creative assets. With easy-to-use tracking features, you’ll always know how much you’ve earned.

This program is in active development and new features will emerge over time.
All rates, terms, and details are subject to change.

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