Read This First!

About Pre-Orders

The Prince Armory Academy has a long-term vision and a lot of content still to come. Pre-Orders offer a way to opt-in early to a product in development and get a great price compared to the release price.

Updates will be made available on this page, via newsletter, and/or on our blog.

When Will It Be Ready?

It depends.  Larger bundles may take a while to complete and may be released in bits, while small products may be delivered quickly. 

Pre-Orders do not have a firm timeline but any product available for pre-order is actively in progress and will be made available as soon as they are ready. 

Please do not order a pre-order if you require a definite ETA!

In Progress Now


Made for beginners to learn the basic and fundamental principles of crafting leather armor. (Beginner Course)

Warrior Series

Elven Lord

Made for more advanced artists looking to take their crafting skills to new heights.  This series will be designed to the same level as some of our Prince Armory custom projects which start at $15,000. (Advanced Course)

Elven Lord Series

Dragon Series

There are multiple tutorials coming that are based on techniques learned from the crafting of the recent dragon helmet including:  How to mount horns, the helmet core, how to make your own stamp tools, organic tooling tips.  A how to design creature helmets master class will be coming at a later date.

Dragon Series - In Progress
Filming Complete 54%

Early Access & Pre-Order Bundles

Get the best discounts on early access and pre-order bundles! Pattern bundles are complete themes with a cohesive design scheme for the entire suit of armor with matching bonus accessories.  

Each series targets training at different skill levels and offers new tips and techniques among all the tutorials.

Early Access

- 64%

Imperial Knight BUNDLE

$139.30 Add to cart


- 68%

Warrior Armor Bundle PRE-ORDER

$69.30 Add to cart
- 63%


$594.15 Add to cart



For longer term pipeline there may be times where you can register for the content early.

This will also help us to gauge interest in content and decide which content to create next according to the number of registered students.


For content in the active pipeline and in progress or starting soon.

These early bird offers will be limited to the production phase and are the best deal on buying early.

Early Access

Content that has some tangible products ready to go but may have some content still in progress.

These projects will offer a small discount to those willing to buy in early before the final content is delivered.

Latest Product Releases

- 30%

Warrior Armor Helmet Pattern

$17.50 Add to cart
- 72%

Berserker Bundle

$168.00 Add to cart
- 42%

Imperial Knight Arms Pattern

$17.50 Add to cart
- 42%

Imperial Knight Gauntlets Pattern

$17.50 Add to cart
- 30%

Mystic Hat Pattern (Pre-Order)

$17.50 Add to cart

Why Offer Pre-Orders

Producing content can be an expensive proposition.  The sheer volume of content we have planned means there is a massive overhead and time investment.  

We’re always looking to improve video quality and production value and this is a way to help us invest more in the upfront cost of production and offload some of the day-to-day tasks like video editing, website work, marketing and social media efforts, emails, support and more.  

Should You Buy?

Reasons you may want to pre-order:  
  • Convenience – Buy up front and just have the content delivered when it is ready! 
  • Discount –Get the pre-order discount. Even more so on bundles. 
  • Speed – Pre-orders help us make the content come faster.  
  • Helps the Academy! – Your early support helps pave the way for new content.  

When Should You Not?

If you don’t like the uncertainty of knowing exactly when the new content will become available we strongly suggest just waiting.  
If you are new to our academy and don’t know what we’re about yet. First, try out some of our already available products, follow us on social media for a while and let us build your trust and learn more about our products and lessons.
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