This is intermediate to advanced design. The crafting process itself will probably be only a little more complex than the Fantasy series. This will be created as a private course with academy-exclusive lessons and narrated tutorials on top of the YouTube videos. This build is actually a custom project (which starts at 20K these days with a wait of 3 years or more) that is already in progress that the client has permitted to become part of the academy! It’s extraordinarily generous that our client is contributing their project to our academy so you can not only learn the art of high-tier leathercrafting and armor-making skills but also enjoy an entire suit of armor.

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  1. I’m confused as to why the finger scales look different on the tutorial video than they do on the diagram. Also, when will the promised lesson detailing how to do the shaping by hand come?

    1. Hello, you may be looking at the previous/early access assembly diagram, there is an updated one to accompany the new tutorial, also, there are some more videos in progress that will add further details on shaping/forming leather.