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Leather Thigh armor

Let us try to create your own thigh armor from scratch. After we have finished the breastplate you can add this for a more amazing outlook. First, it is to cut out the printed patterns. 

Then trace the cut patterns to the leather using a marker. Here 10 oz leather is used.

Then using a suitable choice of tool cut out the traced patterns. Here a box cutter is used to separate into manageable parts and heavy shears for the final cuts.

Then transfer the decorative lines using a ballpoint pen to the patterns. Make sure to dampen the leather a little bit.

Using an edging groover in reverse to mark the narrow border and using a compass for the inner border. Anyone the above can be used to mark both borders.

Then used a swivel knife to cut in my borderlines.

Then when the leather is still a bit wet, using a Weaver’s edgers bevel the leather on both sides. After that burnish the edges slightly with a hand slicker.

With the border and decorative lines cut, make them pop by tooling them with a smooth beveling stamp.

To give the leather pieces a small shape, dishing each piece slightly.

Tip: Use the leather a bit damp. Not too wet or dry.

Using a handheld hole punch makes the holes in the leather.

Then comes the coloring part. Here red and black dyes are used. It is up to you to choose your colors and how they blend.  Use cotton wool to apply as it will be easy. Use a paintbrush to finish the edges.

Tip: make sure to choose two colors so that it will look amazing. And you can use a second coat if you prefer.

To finish and seal the leather use a Weaver’s Tuff Kote and apply it by using a sponge.

Then comes the assembly part. Using double cap reverts and Chicago screws only for the side pieces. To hand the pieces together a black leather strip is used so that it will be easy.

Using 5/8th inch black buckles the tassets will be attached.

Tip: As a general rule to mount any buckle hardware the tong end will hang either down or back. suggest that you test out a few configurations before committing the straps to the breastplate. And do a wear test when marking your holes to ensure fit and mobility. The best way is to mount the medium tassets with a bias to the sides and angle slightly to give them a bit more dramatic appearance.

As a helpful tip for putting the breastplate and tassets on and off, after you get the initial adjustment the way you want it, from then on, all you really need to do is unbuckle the front buckle of one side of the tassets and one side of buckles for the breastplate and just slip out from the side.

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