Deals & Giveaways

Looking for a deal on patterns, courses, and memberships?

There are a few ways to reduce the cost of your order, lets explore a few:

  • Flash Sales – From time to time we will run very short and generally unannounced, store wide discounts – jump on it if you see one!  
  • Bundles – Bundles include a big discount on collections of patterns and include a lot of future content as well.
  • Newsletter Subscribers – Becoming a subscriber will give you access to many coupon codes and notifications of active sales.
  • Affiliate Links – If you find a partner who is working with us you can get a discount by using their link, plus they will get a kickback too!.
  • Customer Loyalty Rewards – Just spending in the store will give you great perks and discounts you can use on future orders.
  • First Time Customers – Make sure you join the newsletter to get the coupon code drops for first time customers to get $10 off their first order!
  • Patreon – Our patrons have a persistent coupon code available to them.
  • Discord – Occasionally we will drop a surprise coupon code here as well.
  • General Sales – Holidays and big ‘common’ sales events like Black Friday will generally have a discounts.
  • Social Media – We also announce specials and sales on social media at times and we may run platform exclusive sales in the future it doesn’t hurt to follow us across all social platforms!
  • Picture Reviews – Leave a picture review of your student project to get a coupon code sent to you!


We’re doing monthly giveaways currently with Jan and Feb already done.  We’ve given thousands in patterns and bundles and store credit away so far and there’s much more to come.  Our March giveaway will begin soon so make sure you’re subbed to our newsletter to be the first to know!