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☑ Berserker Theme – Complete Head-to-toe Armor Suit Patterns! This design will be an interpretation of the epic armor from the Manga/Anime Berserk.
☑ Academy Exclusive Video Tutorials!

☑ Supplemental Material/Advanced Technique Lessons!

This product is an early access! (Some components are in progress, grab the promotional offer if you don’t mind the wait!)


  • The HELMET PATTERN is now available!
  • The HELMET VIDEO TUTORIAL is now available!
  • The first PREMIUM LESSON is now available! This covers the tooling and shaping of the helmet in great detail!
  • Breastplate, Collar, Pauldrons, & Tassets Patterns are now available!


Start with the helmet build!

Armor Patterns/Templates/Designs for the head-to-toe full suit of armor.
Craft this suit in leather, foam, or your medium of choice!

What’s included in the bundle?

Helmet Style 1 (Skull) (AVAILABLE!)
☑ Helmet Style 2 (Berserker Hound) (In Progress!)
Male/Unisex Breastplate/Backplate
Tassets/Codpiece (AVAILABLE!)
Pauldrons (Articulated Shoulder Armor) (AVAILABLE!)
Gauntlets (Articulating full finger gauntlets) (AVAILABLE!)
☑ Elbow (In Progress!)
☑ Cuisses (Upper Legs)(AVAILABLE!)
☑ Knees (AVAILABLE!)
☑ Greaves (Lower Legs) (AVAILABLE!)
☑ Sabatons (Feet)(AVAILABLE!)
☑ Exclusive Video Tutorials (Advanced Tooling Guides) (AVAILABLE NOW!)

Things to know!

  • This is an Early Access Project – Subscribe to our Newsletter and follow our BLOG for Updates & Progress Reports!
  • This is an ADVANCED course! This build is approachable by beginners, and the video tutorials will demonstrate many techniques, however, it is recommended you start with some of our beginner to intermediate lessons and patterns for optimal results.
  • Any additional content that is added to this theme will be added at no additional charge. (A cape design is one possibility)
  • This is Digital Content!
  • For now, this theme is only available as a bundle.


This is intermediate to advanced design. The crafting process itself will probably be only a little more complex than the Fantasy series. This will be created as a private course with academy-exclusive lessons and narrated tutorials on top of the YouTube videos. This build is actually a custom project (which starts at 20K these days with a wait of 3 years or more) that is already in progress that the client has permitted to become part of the academy! It’s extraordinarily generous that our client is contributing their project to our academy so you can not only learn the art of high-tier leathercrafting and armor-making skills but also enjoy an entire suit of armor.