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The Elven Lord series is an advanced how-to-make armor course complete with the patterns to build an extravagant head-to-toe suit of armor with intricate decorative designs and accessories comparable to a Prince Armory custom project worth over $15,000! Learn how to make armor and take your leather crafting skills to the next level with exclusive high-quality video tutorials that drill deep into each technique.

Notice: This theme will have ongoing active development with more to come!
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ADVANCED Leather Armor Pattern Set & Crafting Course

Introducing subscriptions for bundles! Enroll now for 12 monthly payments and gain access to all available assets, with the rest delivered as soon as they are completed! Keep everything forever!  It’s a great way to lock in early bird pricing. Enroll now and join the ranks of master leathercrafters!

Get ready to take your crafting skills to the next level with our ADVANCED Leather Armor Pattern Set & Crafting Course. Featuring a stunning full head-to-toe suit of armor, along with matching accessories like pouches, quivers, shields, and more. With both male and female variations, this series is perfect for everyone.

Our highly detailed patterns and video tutorials will guide you through the crafting process, from advanced tooling and wet molding to filigree cutting and more. You’ll even learn how to add horsehair to helmets, build helmet crests and tails, and create beautiful feather and leaf style leather tooling.

Patterns for the complete suit are complete! Video tutorials in progress!
Female variant and accessories will be coming next!

?Patterns for the complete head-to-toe suit of armor with extravagant detail and highly functional designs.
?Additional matching accessory items like pouches, quiver, shield, & more!
?Video Tutorials for each component & Additional Premium Lessons!
?Learn new skills: advanced tooling, wet molding, fluting leather, filigree cutting, & more!
?Learn new techniques: adding horsehair to helmets, build a helmet crest & tail, feather and leaf style leather tooling, advanced scroll tooling, & more!
?Patterns include intricate decorative scrolls and other stylistic & decorative designs!
?Includes ALL current and FUTURE Elven Lord series content!

Preview the incredible levels of detail throughout the entire suit!

Learn countless high-end techniques to customize your own fantastic creations!

Full Bundle Breakdown:


☑ $199 Helmet (AVAILABLE NOW!)
☑ $249 Breastplate (Male/Unisex) (AVAILABLE NOW!)
☑ $249 Breastplate (Female Variant) (Pattern In Progress)
☑ $149 Pauldrons (AVAILABLE NOW!)
☑ $99 Articulated Arms (AVAILABLE NOW!)
 $49 Sabatons (AVAILABLE NOW!)
☑ $49 Tassets – Hip/Thigh Armor (AVAILABLE NOW!)
☑ $49 Scale Skirting (AVAILABLE NOW!)
 $149 Cuisses, Knees, & Greaves (Full legs) (AVAILABLE NOW!)
☑ $149 Gauntlets (AVAILABLE NOW!)

Each pattern also includes:

-Ad-Free Instructional Videos  (In Progress Now)
-Additional Video Content Only Available In the Course (In Progress Now)
-Decorative Designs for Patterns (Scroll/vine/feather/leaf elements) (Included with patterns)

BONUS Patterns & Tutorials ($484+ Value)

(slated for production after the primary course is complete)

☑ $250 Elven Shield (Leather/Wood)
☑ $25 Elven Circlet (Head Piece Accessory)
☑ $25 Elven Sheath (Leather Scabbard)
☑ $25 Elaborate Elven Pouch
☑ $25 Elaborate Elven Bag
☑ $35 Elaborate Bracers
☑ $99 Elven Quiver


(Coming Soon! All Videos In Progress Now!)

☑$99 Advanced  Leather Tooling – Textures, Borders, & Hybrid Elven Scroll (MULTIPART SERIES).
☑$99 Advanced Cutting & Intricate Filigree Series + How To Make Your Own Filigree & Cutting Tools For Complex Shapes
☑$49 How To – Hand Forming Leather / Wet Mold Leather + Bonus Embossing Tips
☑$49 Advanced Wet Molding Series – Intricate Shapes & Fluting Leather
☑$49 Technique – How To – Add Horse Hair To Your Helmets And Armor
☑$49 Technique – How To – Tool Feather & Leaf Designs In Leather
☑$49 How To – Advanced Metallic Painting Effects (MULTIPART SERIES)

The design in this theme is an enhanced version of the suit we created for a Samsung smart TV commercial.

Video Tutorials are in progress now. Preview the first lessons and teasers here:


Notice: Pricing is subject to change as more content is added.
Experience with previous lessons is recommended. This product is for serious students looking to keep leveling up their crafting prowess and will expand upon the lessons learned through the Fantasy Armor series.
Some components are available now, while other patterns and their tutorials are in progress or planned for the future.
The content for this series is delivered digitally.