2024 Pre-Order & Early Access Status Updates

Welcome to a shiny new year!

I have adjusted the status page for the projects in motion. In summary, the Elven and Berserker series are no longer pre-order status and are now labeled as early access. Much of the content is available now with more coming soon.

You can also see the upcoming projects that will be available for pre-order soon.

One new change is that going forward, all pre-orders will be a member exclusive perk to get first dibs and amazing deals. However membership is not mandatory, eventually, the future builds will be moved into early access once enough progress has been made.

One change I anticipate I will need to make is making our advanced custom builds a limited-time exclusive too, otherwise, the product lineup will be overwhelming and hard to manage. This would not apply to the core apprenticeship modules (warrior, fantasy, imperial, elven) but would mean that suits like the Berserker, the Mystic Knight, and other such builds may be a limited time thing. In such a scenario I would expect each project to subsist until the project after it is finished.

Check the page if you’d like to see the changes and to learn more!

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