A New Home For the Prince Armory Academy!

(A Message from Samuel)

The Prince Armory Academy was started early 2019 and resided under the protective wing of the PrinceArmory.com parent website. And now, in early 2021 it’s time to let the academy spread its wings and find its own place in the world.

Ok so that sounds all well and good but what’s the motivation for this move? Well let me unpack that a bit.

First, Prince Armory and the Academy are two completely different focuses. With Prince Armory the goal will always be on delivering a rock star level service for an exclusive group of clients for one-off custom creations. Whereas the Academy is going to be focused on teaching and providing digital content and lessons (perhaps offering tools and physical DIY kits down the road too, but still in the spirt of teaching/enabling crafters). So being able to have two completely different website portals with very clear messaging is important for user experience as well as branding.

And on a similar note, from a technical standpoint there are additional issues with bloat when it comes to trying to cram all the features of two sites into one. Prince Armory is primarily meant to look pretty and outline the service so a bit of bloat is to be expected. Whereas the Academy is meant to be a persistent feature rich and ever growing resource for students that needs to be simple to use, easy to navigate, and super fast.

With this latest move I hope to be able to provide a fantastic experience to all visitors of both sites going forward.

If you are an existing customer of any of our digital products rest assured your orders and downloads will be available here, and even easier to access. And soon you will have access to tutorials in the form of courses in the learning management system that is being set up now.

The stage is now set to roll out new premium courses and lessons in the coming months, I’m so excited to share everything I have planned with you all. I’m still working hard to put out YouTube content as well, that won’t change. But on top of that there will be more advanced topics covered in single lessons and complete courses.

I may offer a beta class enrollment for early birds interested in learning the really juicy advanced or niche content. I expect to offer a video training series as well as online workshops and open Q&A.

This is a lot to manage though, time just seems to vanish and months feel like days sometimes. Looking back though I feel like a lot of progress has been made. The first tutorial series that teaches how to make a complete head to toe suit of armor is already up with the next on the way. Content has been filmed for many premium tutorials and big ground level work has been done to pave the way for long term plans. But with limited help it can take time, just keep that in mind and try to be patient with me if you’re eager for me to make a video on a particular topic. It’s all coming! But this will be a multi year venture to build the core of the academy!

If you’re hungry for content the best thing you can do is spread the word! You can even join the affiliate program and make a buck from helping. The better we do, the faster I can outsource heavy tasks like video editing, website upkeep, social media, and so on to focus solely on cranking out new video content. So just keep liking, sharing, commenting on all the videos and social media posts we’re putting out and we’ll soar with your help.

To everyone who has supported us so far, I truly thank you.

Best regards everyone,
Samuel Lee
Prince Armory/Prince Armory Academy

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