Announcing Memberships!

Today marks an exciting moment at Prince Armory Academy as we unveil an exclusive membership program designed to further immerse you in the world of fantasy-inspired craftsmanship and accelerate your learning experience (and/or collection of epic armor patterns).

Your Membership Unlocks:

  • Exclusive Content & Early Access: Get first dibs on our latest patterns, tutorials, and behind-the-scenes content. Your journey will be fueled by the freshest and most innovative designs.
  • Monthly Rewards & Store Credits: As a token of our appreciation, enjoy regular rewards, gems, and credits. Watch your dedication turn into tangible benefits with deep discounts and exclusive offers.
  • Community and Connection: Join a group of like-minded individuals who share your passion. Participate in members-only events, forums, and discussions. Your input and engagement will shape the future of our academy.
  • Save money: Our members will get the best possible deals on all patterns and lessons with flat discounts according to each membership tier. Furthermore, any new pre-order offerings with extreme discounts will now be only available for members.

Why Our Guild Stands Apart:

  • Unrivalled Craftsmanship: Learn from a world-renowned expert in fantasy armor. Our designs are unparalleled in their intricacy and beauty, offering you the unique opportunity to craft head-to-toe suits of armor in a consistent, themed style.
  • A Journey of Mastery: From budding beginner to esteemed master, our guided learning experience provides a structured path to mastering the art of fantasy armor. Each project is a step forward in your personal and artistic growth.
  • Engage and Excel: Delve into challenges, quests, and a vibrant community. Share your progress, learn from peers, and receive coaching and feedback. Celebrate your achievements with rewards, badges, and recognition that honor your journey.
  • Visualize Your Journey: Our apprenticeship program and on-site learning modules offer a great way to progress and measure your progress as you go.
  • A larger vision: This is only the beginning! The first handful of armor suit projects are merely the foundation by which we can now launch into the next stages! there will be many new patterns and lessons coming this year so stay tuned for more details regarding our content plans for 2024 and beyond

Answer the Call:

Our memberships are about more than just crafting. It’s about joining a movement, a legacy of artists and dreamers who are the heartbeat of the Prince Armory Academy. Your membership directly contributes to a richer, more robust community and enables us to bring you more of the content you love. The membership is just getting started and your enrollment will directly contribute to the improvement and acceleration of new content and designs.

Join the Prince Armory Academy membership program today and take the first step in crafting your legacy!

How will memberships be different from before?

The initial content of the academy is getting wrapped up, this includes the primary apprenticeship modules which come in the form of suits targeted at training you on differing skill levels. The Warrior for basic, Fantasy as an intermediate and all-around crash course, and Elven for delving into the advanced stuff. Now that these are basically complete it’s time to start the next leg of the journey. And now that you are armed with this knowledge you will be able to more easily take on new challenges and we can start deep diving into techniques and crafting processes and increase the quantity and variety of patterns and projects.

The free tutorials on YouTube will remain free for the foreseeable future to help people get started. But in the future, most new tutorials and guides will become exclusive to the academy and now that the academy exclusive designs are wrapping up, we can focus more on Prince Armory custom projects and sharing numerous unique techniques that we use when building our very extravagant, and very expensive, custom projects.

Another important consideration is that since starting the academy, I have spent an incredible amount of time not only on patterns and designs, but on website development, video editing, and everything else that goes into the day-to-day business operations of keeping both the Academy and Prince Armory going.

To some extent I’ve greatly enjoyed learning video editing and spending more time building the site as these are more creative outlets, but, this is just not optimal and each year that passes I become more and more aware of how fast time flies and how important it is to narrow focus.

Now that the key cornerstones are in place the next big advancement will take place as I start to outsource more efforts and bring in experts to take over digital efforts. At the same time, Ashley and I focus entirely on new tutorials and designs for the academy. To hire full-time help for these efforts will cost a fortune and we will have to gradually transition into this but we are hoping with your support to be able to deliver weekly lessons and tutorials and other interesting content, and dozens of new patterns each year. If you’ve ever felt like content is slow, or you wanted the preorders to get here faster, this is going to be the best way to help accelerate progress on the things you care about.

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