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Gen1 & Gen 2 Leather Shaping Forms

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This bundle includes Gen 1 & Gen 2 STL files for all current and future forms in the Gen 1 & 2 series.
Gen 1 offers some basic shapes to get you started and test out.
Gen 2 adds some new shapes and forms for niche situations in a more stylish design.
The explainer video for this project is finished and will be published soon.



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Just FYI, If you want to get the Gen 1 STL files to try out for free, head over to our Discord or Patreon.  Enjoy!
I’m designing these with my own crafting needs in mind and plan to make good use of them and I will be expanding the lineup as I think of useful additions.
I’m also accepting requests for other shapes and forms so if you think of anything that would make a great addition to the bundle, please let me know.

This bundle will be incredibly useful for anyone who owns a 3D printer or is considering purchasing one for their shop.  You’ll be able to print these leather-shaping forms from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

This set is also very affordable to print.  Metal forming domes are nice if you have the budget, but considering that set costs over $400 and these can be printed for just a few dollars of filament, it’s quite the budget-friendly option.  Plus, these are specifically designed to aid you in the type of advanced leatherworking presented here at our academy.

Please note that this product is not for the physical domes themselves – you will need access to a 3D printer.  If you want to have someone print these for you, check back soon, and I may have an option for you to get these printed on demand.


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