Patterns & Bundles

You can purchase our patterns individually, or you can purchase the complete bundles which include all existing and future patterns in their respective theme.

Choose from five epic armor projects with complete head-to-toe armor patterns designs with step by step instructions to guide you at every step of the way.

Fantasy Armor Patterns

The Fantasy series is a beginner to intermediate crash course that include a complete head to to suit of armor with video lessons that are stuffed with tips and techniques to allow you to customize your creation to your heart's content.

Imperial Armor Patterns

The Imperial series is a great project for intermediate crafters. It builds upon the lessons covered in the Fantasy series and demonstrates some new options like laser cutting, air-brushing, and more!

Warrior Armor Patterns

The Warrior series is a perfect first step for beginners, or as a blank slate for intermediate crafters to expand upon.

Elven Armor Patterns

The Elven Lord series is an advanced project builds upon all previous series and focuses on the higher end detail and artistry of leatherworking. This series will guide you through many challenging new techniques that you will learn and give you the skills to push you towards mastery of your craft.

Note: You may pre-order the bundle to get access to all the patterns for the suit which are currently available. However, the video tutorials are still in progress on some components.

Berserker Armor Patterns

The Berserker series is a unique design that will teach you multiple techniques, as well as building one of the most icon armor suits in Manga.

Note: The Patterns & Video tutorials are in progress on most components.

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